Formula 1 2017, now this is going to be interesting

Old and new drivers

Even though the wait between seasons has been a lot shorter then it was not that long ago I still can’t wait for the new Formula 1 season so start. We have our Max Verstappen in the Red Bull for a full season for the first time, so he should end up higher in the ranking this year if all goes well. Not sure if it has even happened before, but we are starting the new season without the World Champion as Nico Rosberg has retired after his championship last year. We have some old drivers that are not with us anymore like Jenson Button and an old driver that left us but came back, Felippe Massa. Then there is Stoffel Vandoorne a driver I’m looking forward too to see race this year even if it might be in a car that is still not up there with the top of the pack.

No more Bernie

Another big change for 2017 is the fact that we will not have Bernie around anymore. He has no doubt had a big influence in the sport and has change things in a positive way over the decades but he is also a stubborn man that did not want to change things that easily and seemed to make a lot of the decisions based on money. Tee new owner of the Formula 1 is said to do things differently. One small thing they already implemented is that the teams are allowed to post images and video from behind the pit boxes, the so called paddock, more and they have also said that the old European GP’s are whet they are going to focus on as they are the life of F1, something I can only agree with.

New cars

The biggest change for us viewers will be the cars, which will look a lot more aggressive with wider tires, larger wings and more sound. Also more freedom to develop in areas previously not allowed for example the barge boards behind the front wheels. All this is going to make the cars corner a lot faster, but will reduce the top speed a bit, but overall will make them 3 to 5 seconds faster per lap. The drivers should also have done a lot of training on their necks in order to cope with the added G-forces in the corners.

Anyway, I will be sitting in front of the TV next Sunday, with a nice breakfast and a few cups of coffee, as it is very early for me, but I can’t wait !

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