Maarten Memorial 2016 at Ahoy Rotterdam

Maarten Memorial

I have been reading about the Maarten Memorial event for years now and have seen pictures of all the cars that are there during the event, but as it is usually on a weekday it wasn’t really possible to go and have a look, even when it is basically around the corner from where I live.

This event is held each year on august 4th in honer of Maarten van Sten who died on august 4th 2003 from skin cancer. Maarten was passionate about cars and especially Lotus cars and when driving one he didn’t feel sick for a while. After his death his friends Koen, Yvo en Sebastiaan organized the first Maarten Memorial in 2004 and since then it has grown too over 100 cars in 2016.

Because I have a 2 week holiday I had the chance to have a look at the Maarten Memorial and even thought the weather was not as nice and there was a bit of rain, I have seen some interesting cars that you don’t see a lot ‘in the wild’ usually.

Below is a very small overview of the cars that were there this year.

This memorial is not just there to honer Maarten, but it is there to gather money for cancer research. You can do that by sponsoring one of the cars or by a regular donation. For more information or to donate go to the website of the Maarten Memorial. I have to note that your donation will go directly to the research lab of the Daniel den Hoed, without going trough the Maarten Memorial organization,  so every cent you donate is used for research.